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Map 1: Google Maps image of the trip. 

The trip is 1500km (900+ miles) of paddling a total of 6 rivers; the Hart, Peel, Rat, Bell, Porcupine and the Yukon. (see map)

  • We began on the 3rd of July 2013 on the Hart River and finished at the Prudhoe Bay highway bridge in Alaska on the 3rd of September.
  • We travelled through the Peel and Yukon watersheds. The Peel is one of the best examples of natural ecosystems not yet affected by major disturbances in the world.
  • The Yukon river extends into Alaska and has already suffered the effects of industry.
  • Major hurdles include: 7-8km portage of the Aberdeen Canyon on the Peel River and the 140km upriver paddle along the mosquito infested Rat River to reach the continental divide between the Peel Watershed and the Yukon Watershed.





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  1. dieter says:

    Na-na-na………….you should be paddling back to Dawson from Fort Yukon like the old timers did – up stream.

  2. padd5698 says:

    Haha I think by then we will be happy to enjoy the speed and comfort of a car. Never say never though

  3. Dieter says:

    Driving from Fort Yukon…?_? I think it would be truly cool and unique to paddle back to Dawson City. Maybe 3 weeks at 30 / 40 km per day?

  4. padd5698 says:

    The plan is to continue down to the Dalton Highway and get picked up there. But i agree that it would be amazing to make it back to Dawson, i think 140km up the Rat river is enough paddling against the flow. Feel free to meet us at Fort Yukon there with a boat though haha

    heres the full trip below

  5. Dieter says:

    A few years ago a German stayed at my place who had been portaging through the Aberdeen a few times. He told me that maps he had from a local publisher had the wrong take-out….which was past that one one has to take in order to Not be washed through the Canyon
    He also mentioned that from where one could look into the river below and once he could get back into the river – he could see a few splintered-up canoes.
    So, take care. And where will you camp in Dawson City?

  6. padd5698 says:

    Thanks Dieter, We will make sure to look into it. Gabriel recently talked to another paddler who also portaged the canyon, they mentioned a second entry point as well, so we will be sure to be cautious.
    As for Dawson City, Michah, Simon and Gabriel have friends and family there to help with accommodation. But if we need extra room we will be sure to look you up.

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