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Gabriel Rivest – Team Leader, Studying Environment and Conservation Sciences of the North.

 Gabe grew up in Northern Quebec, where his passion for the outdoors started. But it also taught him what can happen when industry is prioritized over the environment.
“I remember tipping limestone into the local lake to counter act the effects of acid rain from a copper smelter 100km away, and that should just never happen”.
When Gabe moved to the Yukon, he saw this pristine environment (Peel Watershed) that was on the edge of being developed. He was inspired to show the world how amazing the North is and teach people the price we pay for the lifestyles we have.
So Gabe organized the trip and brought together his mates (from all over the world) to explore the wild north and bring a fresh exciting view on conservation through the Paddle for the North documentary!
From: Amos/Whitehorse, Québec/Yukon, Canada


Simon Lucas – Director, Zoologist, Digger Driver

Simon came on the trip for the adventure, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore deeper into the North, but during the trip he was forever changed by the First Nations people, environment and wildlife they encountered along the way. It inspired him to change his career and spend two years completing the documentary.

Simon wants people to get inspired by this film; to not only want to protect the Peel Watershed, but also explore the remaining wild areas in their own backyards and enjoy them for what they are, not what they could be.

“In our increasingly connected and developed world what better way to balance the scale than protecting the Peel Watershed, one of the largest undeveloped river systems left in the world”

From: Whangaparaoa, Auckland,  New Zealand



Scott Sinton – Photographer, Videographer

Scott had the hardest trip by a long way. This was his first documentary, he had never been canoeing or wilderness camping and he was the entire film crew.
“it was hard to separate yourself from the trip, from enjoying the best moments to dealing with the hardships, you have to take a step back and try capture it”
Scotty’s career started as a surf photographer but has spread into a huge range of outputs from studio to product photography.
From: North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand


Alexandre Deschênes-Dénommé (DD) – Outdoor Enthusiast and Experienced Paddler currently studying in Geology Engineering.

DD has always been an outdoor adventurer. When Gabe told him about this trip, he just could not refuse this once in a life time opportunity. DD has always wanted to push himself to the limit and he saw a very good opportunity to do so in this trip.

DD has very good outdoor and whitewater kayaking experience which was very helpful for the team for reading rivers and avoiding catastrophes.

DD is now studying Geology and working and living in Quebec City.

From: Amos, Québec, Canada



Matt Holmes –  Local River Guide and Outdoor Enthusiast.

Matt is a fun loving, family and outdoor oriented individual with a strong passion for vast wilderness and adventure! He did this trip because he really wanted to take the opportunity to paddle the wild and remote areas of northern Yukon and Alaska with 5 amazing friends.

“It was a great chance to test my personal skills while at the same time creating amazing memories”

Matt guides river and wilderness trips in the Yukon during the summer and is an avalanche forecaster during the winter.

From: Thamesville, Ontario, Canada



Michah Rauguth – Long time Yukoner, Gold Miner in the Dawson City area

Michah is a 2nd generation miner. He came on the adventure to gain a new experience, good friendships; some new, some old. A great challenge and a great cause.

‘When I first experienced what the Yukon had to offer, I was amazed. I want other people to be able to experience that same feeling, or at least know it’s there and worth protecting’.

Over the last 6-7 years Michah worked a lot around the Klondike, mining and exploration but still considers himself a environmentalist.

“Is not about picking a side, its about finding a sustainable balance”

From:  Venezuela/Winfield, B.C./Dawson City, YT, Canada

Zephyr – Wire Haired Pointer

Matts 10 month old puppy learned a lot on this trip. He quickly found the team was not as relaxed as Matt is at home. He was a constant source of comic relief and even caught us a meal!

DSC_4300 (1)
Taïga – Golden Retriever

Taïga is the perfect dog. She was born trained and through Gabe’s photography has learned to walk up to the most beautiful view and strike a pose.

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  1. Helen says:

    This is awesome. I’ll definitely be following you guys through this website – try to update as much as possible so that I can escape the Auckland office to come to this amazingly beautiful part of the world.

  2. GabrielRivest says:

    We will Helen! On this website and on facebook. Thanks for your support!

  3. Right on guys! Its going to be quite the challenge I am sure but you all seem well prepared and aware. We’ll be thinkng about you paddling/portaging as we pedal down from BC to New Mexico to write rubbern’grit. check out the full cycle project website!

  4. Doug Burns says:

    Looks like just the bunch of mates that are crazy enough to dream something like this up and committed enough to complete it.

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